Submission Instructions

Submissions via Coursys and various web based systems

We will be using several web based systems to submit assignments and project: CourSys, WebSurvey and CodeWrite. Depending of which the exercise is we may use one system or other. This will be explicitly clarified for each exercise.

In some cases you will have to provide diagrams (such as flowchart or others), for which you can use specialized software or you can write the diagrams in paper and then scan them or take a picture of them to submit electronically as pdf files.


CourSys will be used to submit some assignments and projects. Coursys also will be used to keep track of the  grades that you obtain for all your activities in the course, independent of how they were submitted.

Note: In Coursys, if you submit an activity individually but the activity was defined as a “group” activity you will have to create a group with yourself only as a member  to be able to submit.

Deadlines and Late Submission Policies

Unless otherwise specified and announced in class and in this website, assignments are due on the due date and time stated in the description. Assignments will not be accepted after a solution is posted.

Late submissions policy. If you have some problem and cannot finish your assignment by the due date/time contact the instructor before the deadline to request permission to submit late, if possible. Please notice that in some cases it may not be possible to extend the deadline (for example, if an assignment solution needs to be discussed before a test). Please notice that unless there are documented health problems and if approved (at the discretion of the instructor), a late assignment will have a penalty of up to 10% per day late. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you submit the assignment not later than the deadline.

Source code guidelines

In every source code submission remember to include: