Illustrator Intro Workshop

Thanks for coming to Today’s TechBytes Workshop. We will introduce you the basic function of Adobe Illustrator. Today we will cover quiet a bit. Our goal today is by the ends of the workshop, you should be able to have the skill to draw your own logo at home.

We will have 3 exercises today.

- shape exercise

- pen tool exercise

- apple logo exercise

Part I:

In part one, we will cover all the basic feature and what you will need to create your own logo.

You will learn:

Download this zip for today’s exercises: Illustrator_Intro

Part II:

In part two, we will do some exercise such as making a replica of the famous logo. The goal of this exercise is to learn how to use the basic shapes to create something quiet complicated.

You can also practice with pen tool when drawing the logo. :)

Download this picture for part II: