Gender Equality & Women’s Rights Resources

The experience I had doing my twenty hours of volunteer work throughout WS-320 this semester was interesting. My task was to gather information about gender equality groups and provide a resource base for others to reference. I was unsure about the best way to communicate the information that I gathered, and so I settled with setting up an open Google document to share with my instructor and other classmates. This information was then being posted to the Simon Fraser Women’s Studies Lounge website.

When beginning my research I was able to find a large list of organizations.  I organized the foundations and organizations into different categories, including federal level organizations, international organizations and also sorted some by geographical region. I then listed them with a hyperlink and the URL so the websites are easily accessible. I also indicated which sites were actual organizations and which sites were just information about gender equality or women’s rights. This class focused on women in politics, so I made a point to highlight any information that had political content.

To complete my twenty hours I was requested to create a media brief for International Women’s Day. My job was to research key points on why International Women’s Day is relevant today. It involved me making a one pager with five important speaking points. My focus was on young women and why it is important from a young persons point of view.

I was grateful that my volunteer hours could be donated on my own schedule. I was quite concerned about timing coming into this course because I am a full-time student with two part-time jobs. This does not leave me with much flexibility, and the thought of trying to commute somewhere each week to volunteer my time made me a bit anxious. I used the one-hour window provided each week before class to work on my project. This worked well for me because this was time I had already delegated to WS 320.

I hope that the information I have put together will be useful for the SFU community. I encourage students to check out the links I have posted to see how they can get involved in gender equality movements.

Here are the Keyword Searches I used:
Women’s Organizations
Women’s Associations
Women and politics
Gender equality groups
Women’s political organizations
Women and non-profit
Women and societies
International women’s groups

The link to access the Google document containing information:

By Ashlin Tipper