Peer Coach Reading Week Assignment

Hi Coaches,

Your task is to watch a short video and read a document that explain the Gracious Space approach to leadership and problem solving, post your response to some questions and then later to comment on two of the other coaches posts.

You will find the 5 minute (approx) video at:

Then go to following page…

and  read the pdf  ”Gracious Space and Collective Leadership.”

I encourage you then to think deeply about this model and write a thoughtful post about it. Your post should include consideration of ways that adopting the GS approach make for an individual as well for the people around them, and, the impact on an organization that adopts Gracious Space as the way they “do business.”

Your post should be between 100 and 200 words and be posted by Wednesday Feb 13.

The second part of your assignment is to read your colleagues posts and respond to two of them. This should be completed by Sunday, Feb 17.