You Could Be President

cmnsuThe current Communication Student Union President, Brianna Bergeron, is stepping down and her spot needs to be filled.  The CMNSU is responsible for the following activities and promotions:

The president is responsible for overseeing all activities and responsibilities of the CMNSU and making sure those activities are completed. The President will make a proposed agenda for each CMNSU meeting and call the meetings to order. They will represent the CMNSU to the School of Communication, the FAS, the Simon Fraser University community and the community at large.  All executive positions are empty so your first act as President would be to hold elections and fill all of the spots, including:

All position descriptions and any further information can be found at

This is an amazing volunteer and networking opportunity, you will gain unique experiences being at the helm of CMNSU and, if no one fills the position, there will be no CMNSU this semester.  If you are interested, call or email Brianna Bergeron at:

Home: 604-444-9036

Cell: 604-831-0632

By Laura Thornborough