Study the impacts of the 2010 Games and win $2000 cash prize!

The Learning Legacies Competition is a fun and creative way to study the many high‐interest issues and impacts relating to the 2010 Games. Sponsored by the Certified Management Accountants of British Columbia, this is your chance to learn and earn a top prize of $2000 cash awarded to the best answer in each of 2 question categories.

Hosted at, the contest is open to all students registered (full or part‐time) in a BC post‐secondary business, tourism/hospitality, arts, or sciences program.

Contest components are flexible. Simply:
1. Choose to enter alone, or as part of a team. It’s up to you – individual students, or teams of any size (to share prize equally) are welcome.

2. Answer one of 2 questions:
• 2010 “Under the Microscope”: address the current value and immediate impacts of the Olympics; OR
• 2010 “Crystal Ball”: address the lasting value and impacts of the Games, i.e. legacies of volunteerism.

3. Start your research! Questions can be explored using direct observation, media tracking, industry reports, or any creative research style you choose. Feel free to broaden or narrow the topic based on your location and interests. To help you get started, here’s a great resource you can use.

4. Answer in one of 3 formats: PowerPoint Show, a 5‐minute video response, or a short written opinion piece.

5. Submit your answer using the form on no later than 5:00 pm on March 31, 2010.

Submissions will be judged by a panel of industry experts and one set of prizes will be awarded to the top three answers in each category: GOLD ($2000); SILVER ($1000); and BRONZE ($500). All participants will receive a Certificate of Participation, branded with contest details. Don’t miss this chance to learn and earn! Visit today!

For more information, please contact Morgan Westcott, Learning Legacies Competition Administrator, at or 604.984.1750.