This Saturday, turn your lights off for Earth Hour!

Global climate change is one of the most pressing issues confronting our generation today. In one way or another, this issue affects everyone around the world. It has a lasting impact on nature, wildlife and humans.

If you care about climate change, participate in this year’s Earth Hour. The premise is simple: On Saturday, March 27, from 8:30 pm–9:30pm local time, turn your lights and other electricity-consuming devices off. By doing so, you’re joining the world community in casting a vote in favor of action on climate change.

According to the official event website, 4,000 cities in 87 countries went dark and participated last year.  Earth Hour is the largest climate event in history.

At SFU, the Climate Change Action Group is encouraging residences, businesses and organizations to participate.

In addition to turning your lights off, you can do the following to fully participate:
Invite your friends to take action and participate with the event too
• RSVP for the event on Facebook and post the event on your wall
Tweet about the Earth Hour
• Plan an Earth Hour event with your friends and family

You can also visit the official website to learn more about the event, including access to some cool video from last year’s event.

I know that the issue of climate change sometimes seems so big to tackle. For most of us, we may feel that doing something won’t make a difference as this is a global issue. Events such as the Earth Hour, however, provides us with an opportunity to do something about the issue, along with citizens across the world who care about the same issue.

This Saturday, please turn your lights off!

By Kelvin Claveria