You can help stop the HST

For those of you that are against the HST, you can take part in the fight against it by volunteering for Bill Vander Zalm’s HST Freedom 50 Volunteer Canvasser Drive.

Former BC Premier Bill Vander Zalm has begun a petition called the HST Freedom 50 and is looking for volunteer canvassers.  The Citizen Initiative Petition, approved by Elections BC, has been created to repeal the HST tax (the tax that will combine our current PST and GST).  The petition drive begins April 6th 2010 and will conclude on July 5th 2010.  There are currently 1,700 volunteers but they are calling for another 3,400 to ensure success.

For the HST to be repealed the petition needs signatures of 10% of registered voters in every contingency, which equals about 4,500 voter signatures per contingency.  With 50 volunteer canvassers per riding, each volunteer will only have to collect 100 signatures, hence the title HST Freedom 50.

To become a volunteer canvasser, to donate, or to get more information about this petition, visit