Rally for BC’s Ancient Forests!

Enchanted Forest, BC

Photo courtesy of SFU Ancient Forest Committee

On Saturday March 27th, SFU’s Ancient Forest Committee calls you to join them in their rally for the protection of BC’s remaining old-growth forests and provincial forestry jobs. Activists will meet at 12 noon at Canada Place (location of Gordon Campbell’s constituency office) for the march to the Vancouver Art Gallery at 1pm. An Avatar-themed event, participants are encouraged to wear blue and show their support for BC’s own version of Pandora.

“Old growth forests are incredibly valuable in comparison to ‘younger forests’ because they support a large variety of unique wildlife species; store much more CO2, which works against the effects of climate change; are culturally important to many coastal First Nations groups; and are economically valuable (while still standing) as part of BC’s tourism industry” (SFU Ancient Forest Committee Facebook Group).

At the Art Gallery, demonstrators will have the opportunity to sign a petition, hear speeches on the current state of affairs (and what our government can do to change things), as well as view a short skit performed by professional stilt walkers dressed as trees and Na’vi characters from the Avatar movie! And of course, as with all protests, there will be lots and lots of chanting.

So come check it out, bring your friends and help send out the message to the rest of Canada that our old-growth forests are just as incredible as the Pandora everyone has been raving about!

For more information on this event, e-mail: ancientforests@sfpirg.ca or join their group, SFU Ancient Forest Committee, on Facebook.

By Flavia Kajoba