What are you doing this summer? Start volunteering!

Photo courtesy of Fat Parrot

As the Spring semester is starting to wrap up, most students look forward to a relaxing summer. What are your plans? Will you be taking courses this summer? Working part-time?

Summer is a great time to gain work-related skills. Most students look for part-time work in the summer, but it is also a great time to volunteer. If you love working with kids or if you love the outdoors, there’s no better time to volunteer!

Although there’s still a month left before this semester is over, some organizations have already started posting opportunities. To secure a great volunteer position, it wouldn’t hurt to start looking now.

Here are some ideas on where to find volunteer opportunities:

  • Symplicity – Don’t forget about SFU’s very own comprehensive online job posting system! In addition to volunteer opportunities, you might stumble upon some job opportunities on Symplicity as well.
  • GoVolunteer.ca – This site is an online database connecting community volunteers to local not-for-profit organizations. It can help you easily find roles that suit your interests. For example, if you’re interested in sports, there are over 150 postings right now that might interest you.
  • Youth Challenge International (YCI) – YCI is an organization that provides volunteer opportunities for youth aged 18 – 30. If you can afford to volunteer internationally, YCI might have some projects that will interest you. The organization can also connect you to local volunteer opportunities.
  • Planet Volunteer – This is a great site if you’re looking for opportunities related to the environment, sustainability, conservation and green living.
  • Craigslist – While this site is known for e-commerce, it also has a section for volunteer opportunities.
  • Social media – Use Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to let everyone know in your network that you’re looking for volunteer experiences. Someone in your network might know an organization looking for volunteers.
  • Student Clubs – Summer is typically a slower period for student clubs on campus. If you’re taking only a class or two this summer, why not take the time to initiate projects with your favorite student club? This might be a good time to organize events that will help you gain project management or event planning skills!
  • If you know other great sites that other students can use to find volunteer opportunities, please share them in the comments section. This summer, take the opportunity to get involved, develop work-related skills, network and have FUN by volunteering!

    By Kelvin Claveria