National Volunteer Week Photo Contest: April 13th Deadline

Another way to share your cause: Volunteer BC is celebrating National Volunteer Week in April by holding a photo contest to showcase the great work that the volunteers of BC have taken part in this past year. This year’s theme is “SMILE for Volunteerism”. Here is an excerpt from the contest guidelines:

Photos can be submitted on behalf of an organization or an individual and a maximum of three entries per applicant will be accepted. Selected entries will be posted on our website during National Volunteer Week and beyond, and will be announced in the NVW edition of the Connector newsletter. Send photos electronically in jpg files to OR send hard copies by mail to:

Volunteer BC

302-207 West Hastings St.

Vancouver, BC

V6B 1H7

If you do enter, let us know at SFU Volunteer Services. Fill out the form on the “What’s YOUR cause?” page of this blog!