Does (should) SFU educate students to foster change?

Just over a year ago, an interesting article was published in the Vancouver Sun “BIG IDEAS” series.

New approach needed for 21st-century issues
University students see a gap between what they’re learning and what they need to foster change
By Janet Moore and Duane Elverum, Special to the Sun

Excerpt from the article:

“Our students are hopeful and creative, innovative and thoughtful, but most are bored with their lectures and seminars, writing papers and competing for top grades. As educators, we have few answers to their questions about what this university education is for. They see the things they are learning as disconnected from the increasingly urgent and dire warnings they hear and talk about every day.”

The article mentions SFU’s Semester in Dialogue, Faculty of the Environment and Centre for Sustainable Community Development. How else can SFU contribute to decreasing this gap through community-based learning and other experiential learning in our courses?