Writing and event planning volunteer opportunities with SFU Volunteer Services

SFU Volunteer Services doesn’t just promote other organizations opportunities through our website, newsletters and Symplicity, we also work with volunteers ourselves!

Trina Isakson, the coordinator of Volunteer Services, sees many benefits of working with student volunteers.  “They offer ideas, talent and energy that aren’t always otherwise possible,” she says. “When students work alongside staff, the results are so much greater than when brainstorming and planning happens in a silo.”

We are currently recruiting for two separate opportunities:

Story Scout and Writers: Volunteers are needed to help scout out current, interesting stories at SFU related to volunteerism and civic engagement – a neat campus volunteer program, a timely news story on volunteerism or civic engagement, an individual or student group doing great things, etc. etc.

Volunteers will then have the opportunity to write short (100-400 word) blog entries on these interesting stories to be posted on this blog! This is a great opportunity for students interested in writing, reporting, interviewing, and enhancing their digital profile.

Volunteer and Civic Engagement Week Planning Committee: Volunteers have the opportunity to plan a volunteer and civic engagement week at SFU the week of September 21, 2009. Initial ideas for activities include a volunteer opportunities fair, workshops, classroom promotions, micro-volunteering activities, online events, etc., but will be finalized by the committee.

Possible ways to contribute include: marketing and communications plan development and implementation, event planning and implementation, and volunteer management.

The full position descriptions can be found on Symplicity and on our website. Apply here by April 30.