BC Election and Referendum: May 12

Just when you thought elections were over for the foreseeable future, we in British Columbia have another one. Campaigning for the spot as top dog in BC kicked off earlier this week with well publicized appearances by current BC Premier and Liberal leader Gordon Campbell and the Leader of the Opposition, NDP’s Carol James. Though it may not look like it from the coverage they get, these two parties are likely not the only two running in your riding. The BC Green Party is active with 61 candidates in various ridings around the province, as is a BC Conservative Party. You may also be in a riding with one of the two independent candidates who are making a case for themselves as the May 12th election day draws near.

New to voting and not sure which riding you are in? Check out the Elections BC website for all the information you need on where and when to vote and what you may need to bring along with you.

Finding our next Premier isn’t all that is going on at the polls on May 12th, however. When you step into the booth, you will also be asked to answer a referendum question on the adoption of the propsed Single Transferable Voting system or, STV. While we will have to live with the leadership results for at least the next four years, a YES or NO vote to electoral reform will potentially have a much larger and longer impact.

So get informed! Check out both the Pro-STV and No-STV campaigns for more information on both sides of the issue.