Y57; For Youth by Youth

Youth in 57 minutes, also known as Y57, is a volunteer based radio show that airs live every 4th and 5th Monday of each month on your 102.7fm dial.  This program airs from the Vancouver Co-op Radio station located at the corner of Columbia and Hastings in the heart of the Downtown Eastside, acting as a primary source for local, alternative media.

The Y57 program was founded with the intention of serving youth, acting as an outlet for youth expression.  The program consists of music and talk radio, generating free publicity for up-and-coming, local musicians and facilitating discussion regarding issues relevant to Vancouver youth.

The program, currently hosted by Reena Gacad and Ovey Yeung, serves as a means for youth expression. The program showcases creative talents and personal perspectives, gaining their youth participants recognition in an otherwise privately owned media environment, one in which serves profitability and mainstream ideology over alternative opinion.  This outlet is empowering, granting youth a public space that helps cultivate their ability to build community and perform social critque.

Currently, Y57 is in the midst of organizing a Battle of the Bands that is scheduled for Thursday August 26th at the Vancouver Heritage Hall located at the corner of Main and E 15th.  The show is a fundraiser intended to serve both the public and the station.  The winning band will be awarded radio and print publicity sponsored by Y57 and Modline Magazine, in addition to expanding their fan base, gaining performance experience and networking with youth-based, alternative media gurus. The tickets are available for $11 from the Y57 website, with 100% of the proceeds going to the Y57 program.

If you want to learn more, get involved, or donate to Y57, visit www.y57.ca or contact Reena Gacad at 604-505-2282 | media@y57.ca.

By David Swanson