Support the Students by Supporting SFSS

 Having been an SFU student for over four years now, I have kept running into the acronym SFSS on many occasions. However, most times I have been ignorant of who exactly the Simon Fraser Student Society are and precisely what they offer SFU students.

On an early June day, I stopped by the SFSS office in the Maggie Benston Centre to fulfill that curiosity. Member Services Officer Diego Reyes took the time to talk to me about the group’s past activity and future plans. Diego confirmed that the SFSS was here for one reason: To advocate for SFU students, and to provide services that the university usually does not. Some of the initiatives include the Health and Dental Plan and offering discounted copy rates through the SFSS Copy Center in room 2260 of the Maggie Benston Center. Currently on SFSS’s agenda is improving transit services to SFU and lowering tuition fees.

The Simon Fraser Student society also funds and operates The Highland Pub, The Atrium (or the lunch space at Maggie Benston), The Rotunda, as well as SFPIRG, Out On Campus and all other student societies and organizations. SFSS’s current president is Ali Godson, who works together with 4 executives and 5 faculty representatives.

Faculty representatives are an important mediator between the university’s departments and the student society. SFSS holds monthly meetings, or ‘Forum Meetings’, where the faculty representatives communicate the needs of the students in their faculty to the student society. Faculty representatives receive a reward of $35 for each meeting they attend. Forum meetings are an essential part of the organization as that is where most decisions are made on behalf of SFSS.

There are currently over 100 students who are actively involved with SFSS. There are also many volunteer opportunities through:

In addition, to numerous other committees by which volunteer could get involved and help maintain an active student advocacy environment.

For more information, please visit or The SFSS Office in 2250 Maggie Benston Centre.

By Jamal Saad


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