Neat web tip for student-led social change initiatives – bring your web actions together

Students as a group are very active in their communities and society in general. They promote, advocate, volunteer, protest and on and on with goals to enact change. At SFU, this can be seen by the variety of clubs dedicated to social and environmental causes, as well as other student groups such as SFPIRG Action Groups. Students also engage beyond the university as seen by the recent campaign highlighted in a previous blog entry.


Increasingly, these activities take place online – call it Activism 2.0.

Raising awareness is often done through multiple venues – Facebook groups, events, and pages, Twitter profiles, blogs, websites, YouTube etc. But how can you link all of these web venues together so that participants can see the variety of ways in which they can engage?

Volunteer Services came across an interesting tool via @nonprofitorgs on Twitter – UnHub. It was inspired by Skittles‘ recent web campaign. Check out SFU Volunteer Services UnHub. Click on the social networking logos on the top of the page to explore.

Could you use it to bring your web awareness raising activities together?