Earth Day: are you a green volunteer?

Earth Day comes but once a year–or does it?

This year’s Earth Day is scheduled for April 22 and many towns and cities have festivals and activities planned to help the community celebrate–including this treeplanting bonanza at Jericho Beach Park on April 18.

While this means a lot of earth friendly volunteer opportunities have been popping up lately, it doesn’t mean that this is the only time of year to lend a hand (or green thumb) to Mother Nature.

Here are some other “green” volunteer opportunities you can take part in this summer:

Kelsey Fonda, featured in SFU Volunteer Services “What’s YOUR Cause?” campaign,  is one student who has taken Green Volunteering to heart. While environmentalism is a potential career path for Kelsey, it doesn’t mean you need to be a science student to engage in meaningful, environmentally sound volunteer work in your community. Many community-based organizations that have an environmental mission also need help with things like website maintenance or communications. Find an organization you are passionate about and see what they have to offer–it may just surprise you!

For more opportunities that have a positive impact on the environment, check out