Ban Tankers Now! – Rally to protect our coast from the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline project

bird covered in oil

Bird covered in oil due to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Photo Courtesy of

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When: Tuesday, August 31st

Where: The Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline headquarters at the southeast corner of Burrard and Pender

What time: 12pm

On August 31st, there will be a rally in downtown Vancouver opposing Enbridge’s plan to build a crude oil pipeline running from the Alberta tar sands to BC’s northwest coast.  This project will be detrimental to the environment because it will bring 225 tankers in and out of BC’s northern waters each year, and the pipeline itself will run through one of BC’s oldest old-growth forests.  The overall damage it will cause to the ocean, wildlife, and our land will be irreversible.

The rally will begin at 12pm in front of Enbridge’s Vancouver headquarters at the southwest corner of Burrard and Pender.  Protesters will then march to the Vancouver Art Gallery, where they will hear speeches from campaigners and Members of Parliament who are working to protect our coast.  The date of this march coincides with a hearing in Kitimat that will be held on the same day by the Joint Review Panel appointed to review the Enbridge project.

On September 8th, there will also be a rally and march in Prince George, opposing the Enbridge Pipeline.  The same people who organized my trip to the G20 in Toronto are going to be providing a bus to transport individuals to the protest up north.  They will be departing at 10am on September 7th and returning on September 9th in the evening.  The cost is $45 per person, and this includes gas and an oil change.

With the recent uncontrolled oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, it is becoming more and more pertinent that we take care of our planet and prevent a disaster like this from ever happening again.  Big oil companies like BP and Enbridge need to be held up to a much higher standard when it comes to the exploitation of natural resources and the destruction of the environment.  As a result of recent events, environmental activists are calling for people all around the world to boycott BP products.

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Mother Nature has no voice.  It is up to us to speak for her and voice our concerns.

By Flavia Kajoba