The Good Drive: Donate for a Good Cause

*Photo courtesy of Google Maps

It is an alarming fact that the rate of poverty in the Lower Mainland has increased by 12% in the last two years. The Good Drive, a development project launched by five SFU students, finds that many of Vancouver’s homeless are actually working individuals. However, it is the rapidly increasing living costs and shelter rates in our city that are driving the poor to homelessness.

The goal of The Good Drive is for Vancouver citizens to recognize the needs of the many marginalized groups and people living below the poverty line. The Good Drive aims at ensuring that our disadvantaged neighbors, too, can maintain a healthy standard of living. The least that we can do is provide them household items that we no longer need.

Please join us on Sunday, November 7th between 10 am and 4 Pm on Hastings and Gilmore to drop off basic goods for those in need.

Some such items include:

- Kitchenware, including Pots and Frying Pans
- Blankets, Comforters and Sheetsets (Along with other Bedroom Items)
- Toilet Paper and Paper Towels
- Backpacks and Duffel Bags
- Winter Clothing
- Other types of Household Products

Not only will you be providing help, you are also in for a day of fun. Expect food, drinks, a magician and a photobooth for you and your family to enjoy!

For a complete list of acceptable donations, please visit

See you on Sunday!

By Jamal Saad