The DARE is still on!

SFU Dare ChallengeThe DARE Challenge started on October 19. Do You Dare? lets you in on the Challenge. Today I DARE you to get involved.

The DARE Challenge is a national movement meant to support families and communities in Africa devastated by the AIDS pandemic. SFU’s DARE Team had two DARE events this year: Dare to BAKE and Dare to Wear. (If you saw a witch somewhere…that may have been me).

Though DARE week at SFU ran from Oct. 19-23, the national DARE Challenge will end December 1st, coinciding with the World AIDS Day.

So, challenge yourself and those around you—all for a good cause, of course. Here are some suggestions:

These are some of my suggestions, but be as creative as you want! Brian will shave his head if he raises $300, Mubnii will give free hugs ($50 more to go!), and Kayla will make dinner for the highest bidders.

The SFU Team has raised $3,474.00 so far! In 2009, SFU raised more than any other campus in Canada with a total of $22,584 dollars. Let’s make it happen again!

If you want to join SFU’s DARE Team click here, make a Dare, and tell everyone about it! Read more about what other people are doing for their Dare and let me know what you’re planning by commenting on the official SFU Dare to Remember Team Facebook page.

By Leslie Pineda