The ballots are tallied, the results are in…

For the past month, you may have noticed colourful signs strewn about on lawns, medians, street corners. What did it all mean? The province of British Columbia went to the polls yesterday, May 12, to elect a premier for the next four years and to vote in a referendum on electoral reform. How did we do? Let’s take a look at the numbers:

Voter Turnout: 50% of eligible voters took to the polls.

Legislature Breakdown: Liberals- 49 seats; NDP- 36 seats

Premier: Liberal leader Gordon Campbell, for the three-peat.

Interesting lessons to take from this election? In the riding of Delta South, Liberal candidate and cabinet member Wally Oppal won by TWO votes over independent candidate Vicki Huntington. Who says one vote doesn’t matter much?

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