Surrey Christmas Bureau: Adopt-A-Family Program

Surrey Christmas Bureau

Credit: Surrey Christmas Bureau

Giving gifts and donating to clothing and food drives are important means of giving to others for Christmas.  It’s this time of year that many of us make a point to give to others, but it’s also a reminder of those less fortunate than us.

The Surrey Christmas Bureau (SCB) is one of the largest and busiest Christmas Bureaus in British Columbia. The SCB help both low-income families as well as children under age 15 celebrate Christmas through the Christmas Hamper and the Adopt-A-Family (AAF) programs.

The AAF program matches sponsors to families who are registered with the SCB.  The SCB’s goal for the Christmas of 2010 is to attract 1,000 sponsors. Typical sponsors range from families, businesses, to organizations.  So, what happens if you sponsor a family?

The adopted family will get:

- Christmas breakfast, lunch, and dinner
- Christmas gifts

The SCB also recommends that each sponsor provide:

- A Christmas stocking
- A small to medium-sized gift for each child in the family

The AAF program lets whole families enjoy Christmas together.  They get more than just donated food and clothing; they get a reason to celebrate and become part of the Christmas festivities just like other families who are more fortunate.  So, if you’re looking to make a family smile and have just as a great holiday as you’re hoping for yourself, sign-up for the SCB Adopt-A-Family Program. We guarantee your name will be on Santa’s Nice List this year.

If you would like to join the AFF program, please call 604-585-9670 or 604-585-9676. Guidelines, planning guides, and sponsor application forms are available on the Surrey Christmas Bureau’s Adopt-A-Family webpage at You can also visit the Surrey Christmas Bureau at their Facebook and Twitter pages.

By Kathryn Lim