The Red Sock Project –a great and easy way to give back!

The Red Sock Project

Credit: Nood Canada

A red sock can go a long way…

Winter is here, and temperatures are at their ultimate low. For many of us winter can be real hassle, but for those without a home or living on the streets, winter is an absolute nightmare.

This holiday season, Nood, the furniture and design store located in Gastown, is teaming up with The Salvation Army to give back to the community. Together, they are hosting the Red Sock Project in which they are inviting customers to purchase a pair of socks for the cheap price of $2.

These socks, which can be purchased either in-store or online, will be distributed to the homeless who have the misfortune of facing this season’s blistering weather. If you’d like to spread the warmth and make a small difference, then simply go to any Nood location or visit their website to purchase a pair!

To learn more about the Red Sock Project and find Nood locations in the area, please visit their website at You can also follow Nood and The Salvation Army on Twitter @ and

By Ashley Wong