The Global Youth Network Empowers Youth Through Experiential Learning

Global Youth Network

Credit: Global Youth Network

At this year’s Volunteer & Civic Engagement Fair, one of the organizations that visited the Burnaby campus is the Global Youth Network.  At the fair, I’ve interviewed Greg, the organization’s representative, and talked to him about this grassroots organization.

Just like my interviews with Volunteer Burnaby and Shark Truth, the sound quality of the video didn’t turn out great. But here’s a full transcript of the interview:

Q: Tell us about your organization.

A: Global Youth Network is a grassroots student-lead organization which travels all across Canada visiting most universities in the country. Our mission is to promote education in the global north and transformational development in the global south.

The main program that we promote is an overseas volunteer opportunity for students in the Vancouver area, mostly from SFU and UBC, to travel to a developing country for one month (in May). Students are put together in teams of about 10, with leaders who already have experiences with our organization in the past, and work on different volunteer projects while they’re abroad for a month.

Q: What kinds of opportunities are available in your organization?

A: Aside from the experience of working overseas for a month with a team, we have a few different possibilities. So there are some mobile community projects that we encourage as well as some longer-term individual volunteer experiences for either 3 or 6 months in different locations such as an AIDS clinic in India and a Spanish language school in Latin America, among others.

Volunteering through the Global Youth network is a great way to contribute internationally. Volunteering abroad through the organization is an easy three-step process.

To learn more about Global Youth, please visit or email You can also find the organization on Facebook and Twitter.

By Kelvin Claveria