Cartoons to Stop Violence Against Children

Upload a picture of your favourite cartoon character and raise awareness of violence against childrenMeet my new friends: Charlie and his dog Snoopy, Elmo, Sailor Mars, The Pink Panther, Aladdin and his friends, Pingu … They are involved in (yet another) Facebook campaign, this time to stop violence against children.

This campaign started back in November and it has taken Facebook by a storm! The idea is for you to change your profile picture with one of a cartoon character from your childhood.

Blogger Audio Visual Junkie tried to trace the originator of the campaign, but so far the Mystery Campaigner for Children’s rights remains—well, a mystery. However, he did find that the earliest post about the campaign was on November 24, 2010. I encourage you to read the lovely story behind Audio Visual Junkie’s cartoon character.

This campaign might not make much of a difference, but it creates awareness and it could become the beginning of something BIG. Here are some organizations to join and other things you can do to help stop violence against children.

Things you can do:

-Change your profile picture and spread the message
-Create a club dedicated to promote children’s rights locally
-Sponsor a child: Organizations like World Vision, Plan Canada, and SOS Children’s Villages are only a few out there.

Organizations you can join:

- Save the Children: This organization is dedicated to campaigning and bringing lasting change in the lives of children around the world. There is a Volunteer Branch you can join in Abbotsford (Contact Judy and Geoff at or you can get involved in other ways.
- UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund): An international organization dedicated to turning ideas into realities to better the lives of children around the world. There is an SFU club you can join and many other ways you can get involved.

To encourage you to participate more, take a look at this fact as outlined by The UNICEF Innocenti Report Card 9: The Children Left Behind:

- Canada has a below average ranking, as compared to the OECD average, in equality for children in the categories of material well-being, income, and housing living space. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is an international organization of the most developed countries with democratic governments.
- Only four countries are leading the way in promoting equality in children’s well being. There are at least eight other developed countries that place above Canada.

The deadline for this campaign says Monday, though there is no specific date. So, keep changing your Facebook profile pictures until Monday comes and there is no human face on Facebook!

By Leslie Pineda