Camp Potlatch Summer Positions


As we come closer to the end of this semester and the Christmas holidays, I can’t help but already consider my plans for the coming summer. Yes, despite the cold and wet weather that lingers outside my window, I spend much of my time contemplating whether I should spend this summer in the pristine wilderness or find a summer paid position so I can finally pay off this last semester’s staggering tuition fees.

Luckily, there are great positions and opportunities out there that allow you to do both. If employment in the outdoors this summer sounds ideal to you, then consider working with the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Vancouver’s youth summer camp, otherwise known as Camp Potlatch!

Camp Potlatch is an outdoors focused summer camp for children and youth, ranging from ages 7 to 17, that runs from the end of June to the beginning of September.  The camp is dedicated to providing its campers with an adventuresome, fun-filled, and memorable experience with emphasis on teaching leadership and community. For the duration of one week, campers are assigned to cabins groups of 8 to 10 led by a Cabin Leader and Co-counselor. The camp also provides activities such as campfires, games, swimming, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, rock climbing and even offers an end of the week out trip in which cabins spend the night away from main camp.

Most notable about Camp Potlatch is all fees are negotiated based on a camper’s family ability to pay.  Thanks to charitable organizations such as The Safeway Foundation and external donations, under privileged kids have equal opportunity of being sent to Camp Potlatch and building life long memories!

From my own experience as a Cabin Leader, I can personally say that spending 2 months in the Potlatch Valley was one of the most valuable and fun work experiences I ever had. Not only was I able to spend my summer working in the outdoors with kids, I was also given the chance to create an environment for kids in which they could develop confidence and self-esteem, learn the importance of community and have fun. Giving children, who at home may not be given the same opportunities, such an experience was truly rewarding.

If you’re interested in working at Camp Potlatch or making a donation to help send a child to camp this summer, then please visit their website at which includes descriptions of the available staff positions and information on how to apply. You can also find more information on their Facebook page at

By Ashley Wong