Passport to Leadership Workshops – Spring 2011

Depending on how far you are into your undergraduate degree, you may have had time to hear about the many opportunities SFU offers for professional and personal development outside the classroom. It’s important that a university not only provide students with academic training and critical thinking skills, but also the means to communicate effectively and present themselves well. Enjoying and developing our community also means learning and thinking about ways to engage with each other and strengthen relationships.

To address these issues, SFU has created an annually recurring series of workshops for the program Passport to Leadership. These workshops focus on personal values and goal setting, interpersonal communication, diversity awareness and leaving a positive lasting impression on others.

What it is: Whether you are working to become a well-rounded student upon graduation, a leader within a volunteer or corporate organization, or an active member of a club or community group, these workshops discuss various issues you will deal with in these situations. So if you’re looking to make the most of your strengths and connect with other up and coming community leaders, sign on up!

There are four workshops in all:

Knowing Yourself and Raising the Bar

Communicating With Purpose

Appreciating Diversity

Making a Lasting Impression

If you complete all four workshops, you will receive a certificate congratulating you on completing the Passport to Leadership program. It would be an excellent demonstration of your interest in personal development on your resume and in your portfolio.

As usual, registration is through Symplicity.

You can find more details about Passport to Leadership here.
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By Sonya Reznitsky