Live-in for Literacy

Have you ever considered living in the library? Live-in for literacy is a fundraising project originating in Queen’s University. It is run by a student club called Discover the Reality of Educating All Minds (DREAM). Founded in 2005, its mission is raising money to build schools and libraries in developing countries. In January2010, seven university campuses across Canada came together to raise $20,000 to build another library in India and publish 10,000 copies of a local language children’s book!

This year, DREAM’s goal is to raise $27,000 to build six libraries in India. Ten campuses are participating, and SFU will be amongst them! We need your help to make this a success!

The Challenge

Two students, Laura Baird and Kymberly McGarvie, must eat, sleep and live in a designated area of the Bennett Library for seven days to raise awareness about Live-in for Literacy. This will begin Thursday, January 27th and end Thursday, February 3d. Their experience will be recorded live on webcam for audiences around the world to see.

How You Can Help

1. Come to the meetings

When: Jan 19th 12:00pm – 1pm and/or Jan 21st 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Where: Room 7301, 7th floor of Bennett Library
What: Information sessions for those who wish to volunteer for the event.


• Step-in campers for when official campers are in class;
• Poster makers;
• Walking advertisers;
• Flash mobbers

Contact: If you cannot attend, please contact Tim at

2. Make a donation

Individuals and sponsors can donate at the Live-in For Literacy website. Also, the campers will be accepting donations on site in the Bennett Library throughout the duration of their stay.

3. Bring Food to Campers

The two campers will eat, sleep and live in a designated area of the library for a week. It would be much appreciated if you could come and bring some food for them!

Come out and visit the girls, add yourself to the Facebook event “Live-in for Literacy SFU”, find out more about the cause and drop a toonie in the donation bucket while the girls LIVE IN FOR LITERACY! And of course, tell your friends to do the same!

For more information, please visit the website.

Photo credits:
Live-in for Literacy.

By Ada Li