February: Heart Month

February is best celebrated for Valentine’s Day but, sometimes, the heart needs a bit more help than chocolate. According to 2006 data from Statistics Canada, heart disease and stroke are two out of three of the leading causes of death in Canada.  In fact, every 7 minutes, someone dies from heart disease or stroke in Canada.

This issue is  very near and dear to my heart. Three people  I am very close to suffer from severe heart conditions.  Living with heart disease is uncomfortable and often requires a lot of medication.
The Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC and Yukon offers a few ways you can prevent heart disease:

These four rules may sound simple, but they are the key to keeping your heart strong and healthy. Aside from keeping your own heart healthy, there are   ways  you can help others suffering from heart conditions. The Heart Month website lists a few ways you can volunteer to raise money for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

(1)   Canvass Door-to-Door: It may be cold outside, but by registering to go door-to-door, you can generate funds and raise awareness about heart disease.

(2)   Canvass Online: By canvassing online, you are able to create a page where you can set a fundraising goal and personalise your own page with stories and media. You can send e-mails to your contacts or other possible donors to generate funds.

(3)   Create Your Own Fundraiser: Create a fun event! Register with your local Heart and Stroke Foundation office, and they can help you run an event. You can be as creative as you wish – you could even plan something as extreme as a Polar Bear Dip event or as relaxed as a workplace Potluck!

You can visit the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada’s Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.

Credit: Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada Facebook Page

By Kathryn Lim