New Year, New Resolution!

With the beginning of every New Year, we each come up with a resolution to be better. Whether it is to lose weight, exercise more, or become more organized, these good intentions all seem to be thrown into the wastebasket by February 1st no matter what the task. I myself fall into the category of blindly forgetting my resolutions and putting them aside while focusing on other things, but this year I’m hoping to stick to my guns.

As a volunteer, it starts to become difficult to put others before myself and truthfully it can be exhausting. I honestly sometimes dread volunteering and often think to myself “I’m getting nothing out of this.” I find myself resenting my volunteer work and wanting to focus on me, me, me! So, as January 1st lurked around the corner this year, I tried to think of a way to use this flaw of mine to my advantage.

I work as a volunteer not only with SFU’s ENGAGE blog, but also as a writer for Her Campus SFU and two separate independent publishers. Needless to say, my schedule is a little full. I’ve been volunteering since I was in high school and find a lot of fulfilment in my work, but it can be exhausting.

My 2011 New Year’s resolution is to appreciate my volunteer work. It truly is a blessing to be in the position to help other people who are less fortunate than me. I know that volunteer work feels like a task most of the time, but it is helping those around us for the better good and providing opportunity in return for us volunteers. I aim to remind myself of the needs of others and to genuinely enjoy my work and the benefits that volunteerism provides.

I hope that as you read this, you’ll take into consideration the need for volunteerism around the school or your community, and help to engage others with your mission to help out! Happy New Year!

By Melissa Kennedy