DoGooder Awards of 2011

What is DoGooder? It’s a video contest for non-profits in Canada, the US, Australia and the UK. It’s an avenue to  share informative, impactful and informative videos created to raise awareness about the causes of non-profits.

Last year’s winners produced videos that were creative, arresting, and funny. Topics ranged from Duchenn Muscular Dystrophy to a dance school for children from low-income families. This video, called “What Kind of Planet Are We On?” raises awareness about social insurance inequity in the United States.  You can view a list of all the winners from 2010 on their page here.

I was very excited to learn about DoGooder. Let’s face it, the 21st century loves video, and I think the more non-profits embrace sharing their story with the world through video and the net, the better. That’s what corporate businesses do to build their brand, and it works. Storytelling can turn a cause that we may consider unrelated to us to something we can’t get out of our minds. We may not know how exactly we can help, and without taking time to do research, we may not know about the struggles our community faces. While businesses compete with one another by telling their story best, non-profits are often left depending on word of mouth to bring in awareness. For all the great work being done in my community, in Canada and around the world, only a small portion of those causes are ever advertised on avenues such as television or magazines.

Many Canadians might perceive that spending money or time on advertising is a frivolous initiative – why not donate directly to the cause? The expression goes “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” If charities and non-profits want to establish a long-term presence, it’s imperative to produce creative, informative media.

The contest deadline is March 2 – the winners for 2011 will be announced soon after that! If you’re interested in viewing environment and animal rights related advertising, Osocio is also a great source.

By Sonya Reznitsky