Submit Your High-Bandwidth Media Projects to the BCNET Digital Media Challenge

Are you looking to participate in a BC-wide media competition? Have you designed interactive, digital media that uses high-bandwidth? If so, BCNET’s Digital Media Challenge is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate your talent and meet many professionals working in the field.

BCNET offers shared technology services to research and higher education members, in order to decrease costs, reduce technology duplication and improve efficiencies. Its mission is to foster and share communication innovation technology. SFU is a member institution of BCNET, along with 10 other colleges and universities throughout BC.

This will be the first year for the competition – BCNET is holding their annual conference on May 3 and 4th, and created the contest to help students become more active in the IT sector prior to graduation. Judges will select finalists to present at the conference, where a winner will be chosen. This is a good opportunity for students to network and meet working professionals in the IT field. The finalists can attend the conference for free – otherwise, tickets are $50. If you register before March 16, you receive a 20% discount. Buy yours here.

Best of all, the contest asks that students submit a project they’ve already completed! The contest asks that students submit a project completed during their coursework, whether they are completing a diploma, undergraduate degree, master’s, or PhD. Coop students may also enter projects completed during their term, as long as it hasn’t been commercialized.

The contest deadline is April 4.

Entries must use high-bandwidth. The entries can include:

Students from all faculties are encouraged to apply, though most entries are expected to come from SIAT, Computing Science, and the Faculty of Arts and Technology. If you’re in your third or fourth year and looking to get your foot in the door, this contest is not one to miss. Even if you choose not to participate in the contest, it’s a great opportunity to get exposure to professionals in the IT sector.

Visit their website for full contest rules.

By Sonya Reznitsky