Recycle Your Old Electronics

Have you got old electronics you don’t use anymore? Instead of tossing them out and dooming them to the landfills, you can recycle them. Recycled computers can provide parts or be refurbished to create working computers.

SFU will be holding a day called E-waste on March 14. All the electronics collected will be sent to Free Geek. Free Geek refurbishes donated computers by erasing the hard drive and using their parts to create new, working computers. In turn, these new computers are donated to schools.

The following are items being accepted for donation:

- cellphones

- computer screens

- laptops

- keyboards

- headphones

- remote controls

- speakers

- batteries

Items will be collected in the South AQ (Academic Quadrangle) across from the Art Gallery – if you’ve taken a class in C9001 – that’s where it is.

Tell me more about Free Geek!

FG reuses old computers and gives them away to people who contribute 24 hours of work as volunteers – this includes a computer, keyboard, mouse and monitor. They also have a shop that sells computers for under $100 that are remade out of refurbished parts, as well as separate computer parts. The computers are programmed with free operating software such as GM/Linux, and the organization collaborates with Ubuntu, another semi-free software. To teach users how to use Ubuntu, FG offers free seminars. FG has 750 volunteers to run their program.

FG is certified as an e-Steward, which means they do not ship waste to third world countries after recycling – waste is recycled responsibly and not exported. It’s Canada’s waste, after all – it’s fair that we should take care of it. You can read about the movement behind recycling computers on Vancouver’s local paper, the Georgia Straight, and to learn about responsible recycling, go to the Epoch Times article. Keep in mind, Microsoft software will probably not work on recycled computers.

By Sonya Reznitsky