Under the Blue Horizon: Art for Sustainable Seafood

Under the Blue HorizonPart Two

Wake has a lot of exciting initiatives going on, so for the month of March, we will be bringing you a series of stories about what they are up to.

Do you love local art? Are you up for supporting sustainable seafood? From March 15nd to May 22nd, Rhizome Cafe is presenting Under the Blue Horizon; an art exhibition featuring donated art from talented local artists.  What makes this exhibition even more interesting is that the beauty of the ocean is what inspired all of the artwork.

How does the exhibit support this cause? The proceeds from all of the artwork sold will be split between the artist and Wake Project, an organization dedicated to taking action against the unsustainable and inhumane captures of species like shark and tuna.

Here are some of the event details:

For more information on this event, check out the Facebook event page. To learn more about the Wake Project, you can go to their website or like them on Facebook. If you want to speak to someone directly about this issue and how to get involved, you can also contact Lindsay at lindsay@wakeproject.net.

Drop by this event and see how our local artists are contributing to the growing issue of unsustainable and inhumanely caught seafood.

Image Credit: http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=127065064028770

This is a three-part series. You can read last week’s article introducing Wake here.

By Kathryn Lim