Panelists for WNPS, Part 3 of 3: Lattitude Global Volunteering

We’re announcing our speakers for Working in the Non-Profit Sector, taking place March 30th, in this three-part series. Our speakers will be sharing their career stories and experiences in the non-profit sector.


Represented by Stuart Sutton-Jones, Country Manager

Lattitude is the original ‘Gap Year’ charity. Founded in the UK in 1972, they offer international volunteering for school-leavers before college/university – and for all others up to the age of 25.

Their mission is to develop Global Citizens and promote personal growth.

They do this by offering work programs in 17 countries that last from 4 – 11 months. Volunteers teach English to Tibetan monks in Himalaya in NW India, work with street children in Ecuador, teach in poor schools in Ghana or Malawi, or become teaching assistants in private schools in NZ, Australia or the UK.

Having the opportunity to live and work in a new culture allows volunteers to learn more about the world. During their time overseas, volunteers grow in independence and confidence, develop new skills, become more aware of diversity and gain a wider international outlook – and often a raised awareness of social, economic and environmental issues in the developing and developed world.

Born in the UK, Stuart Sutton-Jones has worked for the BBC, the Associated Press, and UNICEF.

In the 1970s he did post-graduate research in Ghana, starting a 30 year love affair with Africa. He joined the BBC World Service as a Producer/Africa Correspondent and reported from many parts of Africa during the 1980s. He later joined the TV part of the Associated Press before returning to Africa to work for UNICEF, implementing all the major UNICEF programs. His last posting was in Harare, Zimbabwe where he was responsible for the communications program for 6 countries in Southern Africa during the drought/famine emergency of 2002-4, with a special emphasis on the impact of HIV/AIDS.

Stuard moved to Vancouver 7 years ago – he currently runs the North American branch of Lattitude Global Volunteering, and travels vicariously through the adventures of school-leavers!

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By Sonya Reznitsky