Your Voice Matters: Join President Petter for a Hallway Chat

If you’re up on campus tomorrow (March 25) and have a bit of free time, stop by the West Mall Centre to chat with SFU President Petter about how you think SFU can improve. It’s a casual way for students and the community offer feedback and see that their ideas are taken into consideration. Plus, SFU’s never had this type of opportunity before, so why not take advantage? It seems President Petter is leading the way towards a more connected community, and I look forward to seeing all the great ideas of my peers come to life. It’s a new way for the SFU community to engage with the university, so why not take advantage of it?

In my perfect world, every faculty at SFU will hold open forums for feedback on their courses and programs (my faculty, Communications, tried this out this semester) . One day…

The hallway chats are happening from 9-11 in the West Mall Centre.

Can’t make it? You give online feedback to¬† President Petter’s 10 questions for the SFU community here.

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By Sonya Reznitsky