UVoice Bilingual Student Magazine

What had initially started out as a project by CMNS478 students has now evolved into a Chinese and English bilingual magazine at SFU. Since a decade after its establishment, UVoice is now composed of hundreds of volunteers -mostly students of SFU- due to the various opportunities to they offer in writing, publishing, computing and management.

UVoice provides a space for students to experiment, practice and express their creativity and skills. Reflecting the diverse body of students at SFU, UVoice strives to promote multiculturalism and to maintain oriental culture. “The most significant experience that volunteers can get is ‘cross cultural integration,’ “says Michelle Liu, president of UVoice. “All the volunteering activities are based on the vision to create a better community that is suitable for multiculturalism.”

Currently, UVoice is seeking volunteers for web design and graphic design. The two positions will be involved in the layout department of UVoice. They are seeking for volunteers with related computing skills, and one who can commit to at least three hours each week.

Applications will be accepted until August 28th 2009. Please send your full name, student number and contact number to voice@sfu.ca. You can also find the position descriptions on Symplicity.

- By Hannah Choo