Apathy is Dead: Getting Youth Excited About May 2

With the elections fast approaching, one can’t help but notice that politicians have not exactly made education a key issue in their platforms and public addresses. It seems people are not counting on youth to have a significant impact during the election. Not surprising, since youth voter turnout was said to be 44% in 2006, compared to the 78% of the elderly population. Many people I know have said they simply don’t feel educated enough to get involved, or they feel disconnected to the issues the government and elections deal with.

Well, Get Your Vote On is changing that. Founded in Vancouver in 2004, the group is dedicated to getting people ages 18 – 34engaged and excited about voting. That means creating enthusiasm and buzz through social media, participating in community events and organizing some awesome flash mobs!

GYVO is non-partisan, so audiences can expect to receive information about all parties in the running and their platforms, which are availabe to all online (all links will be provided below). Plus, with all the negativity in political campaigns, GYVO lets people come together to celebrate Canada and civic and political engagement in a positive, inclusive w

Upcoming events

You can expect to see GYVO participating in the Cherry Blossom Festival and Velapalooza’s Bike the Blossoms event on Saturday, April 16 doing Riding for Riders. A group of GYVO volunteers will be biking through the city to raise awareness and excitement about the election. I’ve begun volunteering with them and I’ll be there, too!

Now’s Your Chance: Volunteer with GYVO

If you’re looking to get involved with a grassroots organization, look no further! GYVO is looking for help in a variety of areas. Here are a few:

- Flash mob organizers

- Twitter and Facebook content creators

- Contribute relevant media coverage for website

- Help coordinate a pub night

- Event volunteers for Advanced Voting Party at the Waldorf Hotel, April 21 & 22

Most of these tasks can be done after business hours. So if you’ve got a few hours to spare in the coming weeks and you want to get connected to other young people in your community, GYVO welcomes the skills, talents, and schedules of people like you.

Sound good? Email contact@getyourvoteon.ca to get involved.

Resources on GYVO

Simplified overview of the election system

Party Platforms

Voting FAQ

Locate your local polling station

Join the conversation on Facebook

Let’s prove those statistics wrong this year! How are you getting involved with the elections? Leave us a comment here or on Twitter.

By Sonya Reznitsky