Volunteer Opportunities at CJSF Radio Station

SFU students can take advantage of great volunteer opportunities at SFU’s very own radio station. CJSF offers all kinds of volunteer positions on and off air. On-air opportunities take some training, a proposal and a demo but it’s worth the effort because on-air experience is a great addition to your resume. If you would rather work behind the scenes, there are many options for you as well. One position that is up for grabs is the Arts and Entertainment Coordinator role. This opportunity will give you experience in coordinating art and entertainment coverage at the radio station. As well, you can gain and network with great contacts in the entertainment industry! And although this opportunity is a volunteer position, you will recieve a monthly honorarium of $180! For more details visit the CJSF website http://www.cjsf.ca/index.php.

To learn more about the volunteer opportunities at CJSF, attend a volunteer orientation. They are held at the Burnaby campus at room TC-216 according to the following schedule:
- The first Friday of each month at 6:15pm
- The second Friday of each month at 3pm
- The third Tuesday of each month at 4pm

By Laura Thornborough