The World in a Garden

With the passing of Earth Day last week (April 22nd), I got to thinking about some practical initiatives set forth in our own community that promote environmental well-being!

I stumbled upon Vancouver’s own The World in a Garden – a program that successfully encompasses many aspects of supporting a more local, greener lifestyle.

The project began in 2007 with the vision of “teach[ing] participants about the seed to table process and promot[ing] cross cultural acceptance.” Today, it hosts a number of developments including educational events, volunteer opportunities, and expansion plans!

Last Saturday, April 23rd, marked The World in a Garden’s 2nd Annual Earth Day Celebration at their headquarters on West 57th Avenue & East Boulevard. The event included urban agriculture discussion and future development plans.

No further events have been scheduled recently, but there are surely more to come! Their plan to help promote sustainable living within the city of Vancouver is beneficial to all community members.

You can also donate to the cause! Try to put forth an example for people around you by helping to advance environmentally conscious living.

Small steps make a big difference.

By Melissa Kennedy