Voting is an Act of Volunteering

With the weekend separating us from the 41st Canadian Federal Election, I’d like to take this time to enumerate that voting is an act of volunteering.

How so?

Every time we vote, we exercise a metaphorical muscle that many do not posses. Voting, however insignificant you may think one vote is (it’s not), is an act to help out your country. It leads to a more informed decision on what the community believes represents them. By voting you make this happen.

The election is just like a competition (for our votes); it forces those that represent us to actually represent us. So in a way, by casting your ballot on May 2nd you are helping out those in your community and the people in Canada as well.

In keeping with the non-partisan approach of this post, I would end it here with these parting questions to ask yourself to uphold an informed decision.

And … do I know how to get there and vote? It’s not too late to sign up to vote. You can even do it right there at the polling station near you!

For more info on voting practices and questions you can check out Sonya’s article.

Vote. Shape your world.

By Chris Ng