The Result of the Elections Asks for Volunteerism

The 41st Canadian federal election was held on May 2nd 2011. The Conservative Party remains in power, albeit going from a minority to a majority government.

The night was full of surprises to voters (also know as volunteers, see here): the New Democratic Party’s meteoric rise from 36 to 102 seats, as well as the meltdowns of the Liberal Party’s 77 to 34 and Bloc Québécois’ 47 to 4. In addition, this election marks the first sighting of an elected Green Party seat in North America, as Elizabeth May won her riding, moving the Green Party up from 0 to 1.

With all that said and done, MP’s, candidates, supporters and voters will come together again in 2015 for the 42nd Canadian General Election. In the meantime, it is important for us to look at what this election means to us. Not only does this election mark a chance for you and me to volunteer, but it also stands as a banner of civic engagement.

How does this election present a chance for us to volunteer? By supporting the needs and choices of Canadians, that’s how. Let’s leave the propaganda for another day and focus on what really matters. From now and until 2015, Canadians should voice their opinions and concerns so that these elected Members of Parliament are able to ensure a livable, sustainable future for us all.

How is this election a banner of civic engagement? The elections itself is a democratic process in which we have a say in who represents us and thus it promotes people to be present and active. The leaders themselves are just mere people (sometimes even a first year 19 year old political science student), as such they are civically engaged by expressing their beliefs and having a seat in Ottawa by being present and active as aforementioned.

The world is run by those who show up. These politicians showed up for your vote and you showed up to elect them. With support and understanding, we too can run the world. Arguing won’t lead to a solution, just more problems. Why not be supportive this time? And help shape the world.

By Chris Ng