Bake a Potato. Change a Life.

Enjoy baking or cooking? Want to change people’s lives? Want to feed the hungry? You can do all that – while toning your muscles at the same time.

Thanks to the “S.P.U.D. Patrol,” there is a way to accomplish all three; a way to make sure that the homeless are fed.


The “S.P.U.D. Patrol” is a service project where people bring home-baked potatoes to feed the hungry, and they are constantly needing volunteers to bake and distribute these potatoes! That means YOU!

(… And if you’re wondering where “toning muscles” applies, try heaving bags of potatoes from the grocery store to your home—you’ll be sure to harden your biceps).


May 14, 2011  (also occurs once a month, all year long)


Vancouver (Carrall Street at Hastings Street  – Pigeon Park)

How to get involved:

1.  Contact Jeffrey Armstrong (founder)

Via phone:  604-315-9642


2.  Start baking potatoes!

Don’t know HOW to bake potatoes?  Want more info? – Fear not!

Check out their website at for all the details.

What exactly does “S.P.U.D.” stand for?

Serving Potatoes to Unrecognized Devas (“angels”).

Your time and effort will do more than feed the hungry:  It will show them that they are recognized—not as poor beggars, but as angels in disguise.

So take the challenge:  Bake a potato. Change a life.

By Celine Diaz