I dare you to dream.

So many of us lose ourselves in the race of life, an endless competition to be the best. Get the best job.  Have the best hair. But when all these achievements are gained and all commodities are consumed – why is it that so many of us still feel empty?

We seek thrills—go to amusement parks, speed on highways—but perhaps this emptiness will never fade until we finally take the dare.

The dare is this:  I dare you to dream.

Sounds simple. But if it were so simple, why do we choose lives of ignorance? Why do we notice poverty, yet do nothing about it? Have we given up hope? Do we feel that issues like poverty can’t be solved?

Beneath One Sky – an SFU club aimed at reducing poverty locally and internationally – refuses to give up on helping the impoverished.  It is composed of SFU students who have taken the dare – the dare to dream.  The same dare I pose to you.

Perhaps you have shied away from your dreams, pushing them away and living in mediocrity. But here is an opportunity to change this:

Come support Beneath One Sky’s “Building for Hope Benefit Concert”, a show featuring local talent from all over the Lower Mainland.  Proceeds go to building houses for the poor in the Philippines, in association with ANCOP (Answering the Cry of the Poor).

Date: May 21, 2011

Time: 6:00pm

Location: Chief Sepass Theatre, Langley BC

Tickets: $12 – General, $17 – At the Door

Purchase Tickets:

a)  Online at http://beneathonesky.bigcartel.com/product/building-for-hope-2011-ticket

b) Or contact Shantelle at mailto:shantelle@beneathonesky.org

Website: http://beneathonesky.org/concert/

“The Benefit Concert shows what the Lower Mainland has to offer in terms of talent … Basically, we’re broadcasting YOUR friends. Having that connection with the performers makes the concerts that much more intimate … By coming, you are participating in the fight for social justice and overcoming poverty.”

- Marione  (performance coordinator)

Join your SFU peers and take on the challenge:  Dare to dream.  Dare to leave your mark on this world, to chase whatever stirs your heart.  Dare to hope for the impossible.  Dare to join the fight against poverty, and support the Building for Hope Benefit Concert.

Check out their PROMO VIDEO at: http://www.youtube.com/beneathonesky#p/c/22181F137F1C65EA/0/9fyCabE5zXs

By Celine Diaz