Re-Use That Mug!

Reusable Mug

I was at my local Starbucks the other day enjoying my Grande White Mocha Soy Americano Misto (a little complicated, I know) when I realized that I forgot my reusable mug…again. This little habit of mine has gotten worse over the last couple of years mainly because my trips to coffee shops are sporadic and quite unplanned so I never keep my coffee tumbler with me at all times.

It got me thinking though – what difference does using a reusable cup do? I opened up my laptop and clicked on the Starbucks website. They are supporting an initiative to make 100% of their customers paper free by 2015. On the website, there is also a calculator that measures the impact of your personal coffee habits against how many trees you could save each day by switching to a travel mug. I entered that I consume one cup of coffee per day and was shocked to find that I could save seven trees just by switching!

I’m now trying to make a more conscious effort to be paper free and I hope you do too! To ease the pain of forgetting my tumbler, I’ve been keeping my it in my school bag at all times. That way, whenever I need it, it’s there!

Next time you’re at Starbucks or Tim Horton’s or Renaissance on campus, be sure to bring your reusable cup. You’re not only saving trees, you’re making an impact!

By Melissa Kennedy