City Wide Pride: Supporting Vancouver’s LGBT Community

It’s that time of year again when Vancouver Pride Society begin their summer event schedule, celebrating members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered community.  The Vancouver Pride Society brings together the LGBT community and their supporters to celebrate Pride through world-class events.

There are a variety of fun events found all across the city including, Gay Day at Playland, Picnic in the Park, and the Queer Arts Festival.   All of these events lead up to the August long weekend and the 33rd annual Pride Parade!  The parade is year after year undoubtedly one of Vancouver’s best events.  This year’s parade marks the end of a three year theme of Educate, Liberate, and Celebrate.

Most of these events require volunteers, especially the Parade and the Queer Arts Festival.  The festival runs from July 26th through till August 13th.  When you volunteer for the festival you receive passes to events and have the opportunity to win prizes.  For every four hours worked, volunteers receive a free pass to a show of their choice. This year’s Pride Parade is on July 31st and volunteer information can be found here.

Volunteer and show some Pride!

By Rya Kobewka