Give the Gift of Life.

Rings, chocolates, and wristwatches usually come to mind when we think of gifts, but rarely do we realize our own power to give something that surpasses all things: the gift of life.

Who says we have to be doctors, soldiers, or firefighters to preserve another’s life? Who says we can’t be heroes by simply taking a walk – to raise money, to raise awareness, to save those who are dying of illness?

This year’s Vancouver Kidney Walk 2011 is titled “Give the Gift of Life”, precisely because that’s what it gives us the opportunity to do. We can help a person who is suffering from kidney disease.

The Vancouver Kidney Walk will be held on August 28, 2011 and will include a 2.5km walk and 5km run from Athletes’ Village Plaza to Granville Island. Also, come ahd cheer for your favorite Dragonboat Team at False Creek!

To register, visit their website at

It’s simple: take a walk. Give the gift of life. Be the hero.

By Celine Diaz