Shall We Dance?

Picture yourself in this glorious moment:

You’re standing in Robson Square with the last rays of sunset kissing your skin, just as the first stars begin emerging. Although you are wedged between hundreds of people, it feels as if no one else is around but you and your dance partner, who is gazing intently into your eyes. Your heart pounds as you wait for the ballroom music to begin, and once it does, you find yourself completely captured in the moment. As you move across the space dancing with your partner, it’s as if all your inhibitions are swept away. All your troubles seem to vanish – even if just for a moment – and you are in perfect bliss.

Sound like something that only happens in movies? I certainly thought so, until I found out that we can have the same experience right here in Vancouver!


Every Friday night up until August 26, Summertime Ballroom Dancing will be held at Robson Square in Vancouver!

The best part is that the ballroom dancing lessons will be absolutely free and taught by local professionals – so you don’t need any prior experience before attending this event!



Robson Square Summer Dance Series 2011 is also looking for volunteers to help with tasks such as: setting up, taking down, managing, supervising, ushering, and helping out with food, drink, and info tables.

Interested in volunteering? Click here to fill out an application form.

If you’re looking for an escape from a busy work week, this is the ideal opportunity to do so. With great entertainment, excellent company, and free ballroom lessons – why not?  Dance your worries away!

By Celine Diaz