Become a LEADer

LEAD SFUYou may have heard of LEAD, the Certificate in Leadership at SFU. This program is a great way to learn how to be an effective leader within the SFU community and beyond the campus borders by completing a community project that tackles and attempts to address or solve a real life problem or challenge. The project team is made up of 5-8 people that work together to enhance their leadership skills and to achieve a meaningful result from the challenge the team takes on.

The $85.00 fee for the program covers over 25 hours of workshops, food at all LEAD events, a retreat for participants, assessment tools and evaluation reports, on top of the set of skills you will acquire within the program.

The Certificate in Leadership is a competitive program that has specific requirements that applicants must meet. Those that wish to take part must apply buy September 11, 2009 to be eligible for this year’s program. Although previous volunteer experience helps, it is not a requirement for your application to the program. The certificate will help you take on volunteer positions that may be of interest to you and that may require skill and experience you did not have before completing LEAD. Only 55 participants are chosen to take part in the program so apply soon!

This falls itinerary for those who wish to apply to LEAD is as follows:

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- By Laura Thornborough